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YLR272C / YCS4

Section 1: Phenotypes.
Gene-drug relationships for YCS4
(Hillenmeyer et al., Science 2008)

The top 10 experiments that caused a fitness defect in the YCS4 deletion mutants. On the left is a table listing the top 10 conditions inducing sensitivity; on the right is a visualization of those conditions. Edges may appear more than once if the condition was tested multiple times.

We generally recommend using a significance cutoff of p-value < 0.01. For the "phenotype for all genes" analysis, we used p-value < 1e-5 to control for multiple hypothesis testing. For details, see
The Chemical Genomic Portrait of Yeast.

Heterozygous knockout:

Top 10 sensitivity-inducing conditions for YCS4 Heterozygous deletion:

Condition1 Conc Unit FitnessDefect (z-score) P-value
fluconazole 65.3 uM 9.31064 0.0000000000031487
itraconazole 4.4 uM 4.87894 0.0000063258
acriflavinium hydrochloride 250 uM 4.66046 0.000013123
itraconazole 8.8 uM 3.93091 0.00013836
cuso4 10000 uM 3.92725 0.00021474
fenpropimorph 2.3 uM 3.83771 0.00018486
latrunculin 6.25 uM 3.80815 0.00077296
dna protein kinase inhibitor

3.77102 0.00033167
methotrexate 500 uM 3.69411 0.00041006
ID 652287 500 uM 3.68867 0.00041624

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Homozygous knockout:

[No Homozygous results.]

Section 2: Co-fitness interactions.
Gene-gene relationships for YCS4
(Hillenmeyer et al., Genome Biol. 2010)

This study extends the preliminary analysis of clustering genes according to co-fitness across experiments (Hillenmeyer et al., Science 2008). Here, instead of clustering genes, we analyzed the co-fitness between all pairs of genes, testing several types of correlation.

Heterozygous co-fitness interactions

Top 10 interactors with YCS4 by heterozygous co-sensitivity:

Query Interactor CoFitHet CoFitHom
YCS4 NPC2 0.35889 0
YCS4 RIB5 0.351 0
YCS4 PSA1 0.34799 0
YCS4 BRN1 0.34035 0
YCS4 YGR272C 0.33226 0
YCS4 SWF1 0.33187 0
YCS4 PET8 0.33089 0
YCS4 QRI7 0.32192 0
YCS4 RRP1 0.32142 0
YCS4 MTQ2 0.32083 0

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Enriched GO terms of interactors

  • None
  • None
  • None
Homozygous co-fitness interactions

[No homozygous results.]

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