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synthetic complete for BY4743

Section 1: Phenotypes.
Drug-gene relationships for synthetic complete for BY4743
(Hillenmeyer et al., Science 2008)

The top 10 strains that exhibited a fitness defect in synthetic complete for BY4743. On the left is a table listing the top 10 sensitive strains; on the right is a visualization of those strains. Edges may appear more than once if the condition was tested multiple times.

We generally recommend using a significance cutoff of p-value < 0.01. For the "phenotype for all genes" analysis, we used p-value < 1e-5 to control for multiple hypothesis testing. For details, see
The Chemical Genomic Portrait of Yeast.

Heterozygous knockouts inhibited:

[No Heterozygous results.]
Homozygous knockouts inhibited:

Top 10 Homozygous deletion strains inhibited by synthetic complete for BY4743:

Gene FitnessDefect (z-score) P-value
ADE6 416.296 0.0000028851
ADE6 382.064 0.0000034253
CPA2 264.647 0.0000071388
DID4 219.333 0.000010393
HOM6 197.053 0.000012876
DID4 189.362 0.000013943
SMY2 170.91 0.000017116
SER1 161.411 0.00001919
ILV1 156.156 0.000020503
YGL140C 151.264 0.000021851

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Enriched GO terms of the top genes/strains

  • None
  • None
  • None

Section 2: Co-inhibition interactions.
Drug-drug relationships for synthetic complete for BY4743
(Hillenmeyer et al., Genome Biol. 2010)

In this study, we have calculated co-inhibition between all pairs of compounds, testing several types of correlation.

Heterozygous co-inhibition interactions

[No heterozygous results.]
Homozygous co-inhibition interactions

[No homozygous results.]

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